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The only way Laerskool Numbi Primary can shape the future in a proper way is if every stakeholder plays their part.

Learners must be encouraged to take advantage of every opportunity to aquire knowledge and skills.  Self-knowledge will enable them to take informed decisions. When a learner completed their education at Numbi, he or she must be ready to go to the next level with confidence and adequate life skills.

Parents must support their children’s education on all levels.  Parents must be the wind beneath their wings.  A strong partnership between teachers and parents is crucial.

Educators must be lifelong learners so that they can inspire and equip learners in a changing world. Educators must welcome the support and involvement of parents.  They must ensure that school is fun.

The community of Hazyview must realise their role as a partner in education.  They must ensure that learners are aware of the opportunities in several career fields and confirm the link between a successful school career and job opportunities.  Through the community learners must have a positive view of the adult world and its responsibilities.  Learners must be inspired to have the urge to contribute to the economic and social welfare of the community and South Africa as a whole.

Children are our future which must be shaped to ensure harmony and welfare. Children must be guided to be self-disciplined and to live with integrity to make a difference in their communities and workplaces.




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